How to Find the Best Web3 Games: A Comprehensive Guide for Global Gaming Enthusiasts

November 13, 2023
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Are you intrigued by the fusion of gaming and blockchain technology? Are you seeking to earn while playing amazing games? With the rise of blockchain technology, Web3 play-to-earn games have revolutionized the gaming industry. They offer an incredible opportunity to not just enjoy a thrilling gaming experience but make some profit as well. In this guide, you'll discover how to find the best Web3 (play-to-earn) games that you can play and how to get the most out of them. So buckle up as we take a ride into the exciting world of Web3 gaming!

Understanding Web3 Play-to-Earn Games

There is an emerging trend in the gaming world that's truly revolutionizing how we think about gaming as a leisure activity and, potentially, as a source of income. This trend is known as Web3 play-to-earn games, and it combines the gaming experience with blockchain technology.

What are Web3 Play-to-Earn Games?

Web3 play-to-earn games are a new breed of online games that use blockchain technology. Unlike traditional online games, these games allow players to earn cryptocurrencies or other real-world value while they play. They essentially blur the line between gaming and earning, creating a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience.


The Rise of Blockchain in Online Gaming

Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that allows for transparent, secure, and tamper-resistant transactions. It is the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, game developers have found novel ways to integrate blockchain technology into online games, leading to the birth of Web3 play-to-earn games. Read more about blockchain gaming in our recent series: Exploring Blockchain Games

The Earning Potential of Web3 Games

One of the key drivers of the Web3 play-to-earn trend is the earning potential that these games offer. As a player, you can earn cryptocurrencies or digital assets that you can sell for real-world money. It may range significantly based on the specific game, the rarity of your in-game items, and the overall market demand. Read more


Securing Your Earnings

With the financial opportunity that Web3 games present, it's essential to secure your in-game earnings. Your in-game assets are stored on the blockchain, which provides inherent security. Nevertheless, it is crucial to follow good security practices, such as keeping your private keys safe and staying vigilant against potential scams or hackers.

Popular Web3 Games Accessible from the US and Globally

Gaming has evolved drastically with the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, introducing a whole new breed of Web3 games. These Web3 games are accessible globally. Let's dive into some of the top games that are creating buzz on the market.

Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties was among the first Web3 games to go viral globally. This game utilizes Ethereum's blockchain, where players buy, sell, and breed virtual kittens. Each kitty is unique and owned solely by a player, confirming genuine digital ownership through blockchain.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another increasingly popular play-to-earn gaming platform. Players train, breed, and battle creatures called 'axies' to earn rewards that can be exchanged for real-world currency. With its advanced NFT mechanics, Axie has established a robust gaming economy.

Sorare: Global Fantasy Football

In Sorare, players collect, trade, and manage a virtual football team with officially licensed player cards. The game's performance is linked to real-life football matches, offering an interactive experience. Sorare's integration of NFTs adds a new level of reward and engagement for football enthusiasts.

Gods Unchained

A game for strategy lovers, Gods Unchained, is a digital card game where players collect, trade, and combat. Much like in traditional card games, players strategically deploy their cards to outwit opponents. All cards are NFTs, meaning they are tangible assets that can be bought or sold.

Oort Digital RPG

A game where you play for honor Oort Digital RPG Battle Game offers two thrilling modes of play: Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Staker (PvS). These modes are crafted to provide distinctive engagement and interaction opportunities, enabling users to maximize their Oort Heroes within the expansive Oort Digital Metaverse.

Lost Relics

Lost Relics provides a unique blend of traditional RPG elements with blockchain features. As you explore dungeons and vanquish foes, you can find valuable blockchain items that you're free to trade, sell, or transfer, reaffirming the concept of true ownership in gaming.


Decentraland is a decentralized, virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. More than a game, it is a digital world where users can buy land, build structures, and experience various user-generated content. Its intriguing concept of land ownership via NFTs has captured gamers' imaginations worldwide.

How to Choose the Best Web3 Games

Choosing the right Web3 game can be a thrilling yet daunting task. There are several factors to keep in mind, and we're here to guide you through each one of them.

Reviewing the Blockchain Technology

Understanding how the game utilizes blockchain technology is crucial. Does it leverage technology to enable transparency and decentralization? Verify whether it uses services like Ethereum, Binance, or Tron. This knowledge can greatly impact your gameplay and potential earnings.

Evaluating the Game's Earning Potential

Different Web3 games have varied earning potentials. Evaluate the game's structure, a mechanism for rewarding players, and the value of the in-game assets. An excellent game should provide significant earning potential for the time and resources invested.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

You should also try to understand the game's rules, gameplay, and overall objectives. Is it easy to understand and fun to play? Regardless of the game's earning potential, it should also provide entertainment value. Read more on our recent series: Blockchain Gaming Mechanics

Checking the Game's Community and Player Base

A strong and growing community can enhance your gaming experience. Check if the game has an active player base on various platforms like Discord, Reddit, Twitter, or even in their game forums. This can also help you gauge the game's popularity and potential growth.

Doing Legitimate Research and Due Diligence

Lastly, don't forget to do your due diligence. Check for reviews, the developer's history, and their overall reputation. Watch gameplay videos, read forums, and ask questions. Stay wary of scams and unethical practices prevalent in the digital space.

Getting Started with Your First Web3 Game

Playing to earn in the virtual world has never been more exciting, thanks to the advent of Web3 games. But how do you start your journey in this new realm? Here's a straightforward guide to help you kick off your gaming quest with a bang.


Setting Up Your Crypto Wallet

To get started with Web3 gaming, the first thing you need to do is set up a crypto wallet. This wallet will act as your virtual bank, where you store your earnings from the games. Some popular crypto wallets include Metamask and Trust Wallet.

Setting up a wallet is a simple process that involves following the app's instructions, creating a private key (please remember to never share this), and securing it with a strong password.

Buying Your First NFTs

Next, you'll need to purchase your initial non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs represent a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items, from crypto art to virtual pets in Web3 games.

You can buy NFTs on various marketplaces, like OpenSea and Oort Digital NFT Rentals, Rarible, and even directly on some game's websites. Remember, each NFT will have different costs and potential returns, so do your research.

Starting to Play and Earn


Once you've got your NFTs, you can dive into playing. Each game has different mechanics, so take the time to understand your chosen game's rules, tips, and strategies to maximize your earnings.

In games like Axie Infinity, for example, players can earn by battling, breeding, or trading their Axies. It's important to learn and experiment with these intricacies to find out which methods work best for you. Explore more about starting to play to earn Here

Cashing Out Your Earnings

Once you've accumulated some in-game earnings, it's time to cash out. Most games allow you to withdraw your earnings directly to your crypto wallet. From there, you can exchange your crypto for fiat currency.

Popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken offer this service. Always consider the transaction fees and the security of your chosen exchange before proceeding.

Enjoying and Expanding Your Gaming Experience

Remember, Web3 gaming isn't just about earning; it's about entertainment too. As you're playing, seek ways to enjoy and enhance your gaming experience. Look for opportunities to level up, unlock new features, and interact with other players.

As your skills develop, you may also want to diversify your gaming portfolio. Try out new games, invest in different types of NFTs, and explore other ways to earn. The possibilities are endless!

Embarking on Your Web3 Gaming Adventure

Web3 play-to-earn games offer immense opportunities in the evolving digital world. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of what they entail and the earning potential they provide, you can securely venture into this innovative sphere.


The global markets present a plethora of Web3 games like Crypto Kitties, Axie Infinity, Oort Digital RPG game, and Sorare among others. Your best pick depends on the game's blockchain technology, its earning potential, mechanics, and the community.

To embark on your Web3 gaming journey, set up a crypto wallet, purchase your first NFTs, and start playing to earn. Always remember to securely cash out your earnings, research continually, and most importantly, enjoy the ride and expand your gaming experience. Make the most of your digital gameplay while you navigate this Web3 revolution.

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