Battle With Your Hero NFTs In The Oort Heroes Season 2 Leaderboard

October 27, 2023

Fellows and citizens of the Oort Digital Universe:

We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of the 2nd season of our epic Oort Hero Clash Leaderboard. As we continue with our mission to foster a rich and engaging ecosystem that empowers brands and players in the Web3 space, we’re taking things to the next level with even more engaging activities, this time in collaboration with a broader set of elite partners.

Announcing the Season 2 Leaderboard:

Our season 2 Wave Mint is Live on Galxe!!
This time, we’ve expanded our partnership to collaborate with 7 leading communities and invited them to mint their custom-branded Hero NFTs. These heroes will then take to the battlefield against each other and our own Oort Digital clan heroes for a chance to win $OORT and other exclusive rewards.

Joining us this season are elite Web3 brands:

And our very own: Oort Digital

Co-campaign details:

In this season 2 mint, only participants who meet specific on-chain credentials and complete tasks on Galxe will have the opportunity to mint their Clan of Heroes. These Custom branded Hero NFTs will represent you and your community in our exciting RPG battle game, challenging other communities for a shot at the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win $OORT and an array of prizes sponsored by the brands in the Season 2 leaderboard contest.


Eligibility for participation is strictly based on meeting specific on-chain credentials, which can include holding tokens, NFTs, SBTs, or interacting with certain products.


After completing the tasks on Galxe, participants will be whitelisted and have the chance to mint their respective custom-branded hero NFTs from the communities they support to battle against other communities on the Leaderboard contest

Every participant will also receive an amount of in-game gold along with their heroes. Use this gold to buy items in the marketplace and to equip and train your heroes, thus increasing your chances of climbing the leaderboard to win $OORT plus other exclusive prizes.

The season 2 leaderboard contest will begin immediately after the Oort Hero wave mint on Galxe.


We're implementing stringent rules against cheating this season. Players caught using bots or any cheat hacks to accumulate points will face disqualification and forfeit their right to claim any rewards.

Mark your calendars!

The Season 2 Campaign is set to begin at 12:00 pm UTC, Saturday, 28th Oct and wraps up at 11:59 pm UTC Friday, 10th Nov.

Here are the campaign timelines:

Galxe Campaign: 5 days (28th Oct - 1st Nov)

Wave Mint (Claim Custom-Branded Heroes): 3 days (2nd - 4th Nov)

Season 2 leaderboard: 7 days (4th - 10th Nov)

Claim rewards: 3 days (11th - 13th Nov)

The distribution of rewards is scheduled to commence 24 hours subsequent to the conclusion of the leaderboard campaign.

Claim Hero NFTs & Gold:

Each participant who successfully completes their tasks will earn Oort Heroes NFTs and Gold, specific to their respective communities. The claiming process is uniform across all communities.

Step 1: Participate and complete required tasks on the co-campaigns to verify your eligibility, based on the community you come from, and get a Galxe OAT badge (mint pass).

  1. Arcus Games
  2. Dyleum
  3. TowerSwap
  4. TraderDAO
  5. SaladVentures
  7. UniLend Finance

🔗 Join Your Community

Step 2: Join our Discord to stay informed.

👉 Join our Discord here

Step 3: Wait until the end of the co-campaign!

Check the #claim-rewards channel on our Discord to get notified when your wallet has been whitelisted.

🎁 #claim-rewards channel

Step 4: Mint your respective heroes on our platform with your OAT mint pass FCFS, (First Come First Serve). Time is limited, and Participants can only mint heroes once!

👉 Mint heroes here


Participants can only mint heroes once!!
Those who minted heroes before are not allowed to mint, but Oort Digital clan Hero owners can still participate in season 2, along with the new clans.

Step 5: Immerse yourself in the battle and practice your battle skills.

Earn more gold to purchase in-game items, and increase your victories to gain more battle experience.

🎮 Play RPG battle here

  • Curious about the game?

Watch the RPG battle game tutorial below for visual guides:

Step 6: Get ready for the Epic Season 2 leaderboard contest, coming up shortly after the successful completion of your tasks. Engage in epic battles against other communities to climb the leaderboard and win $OORT along with various prizes sponsored by different brands.

🧗‍♀️ Join the leaderboard contest here

Step 7: Claim Your Rewards After the Leaderboard Contest Ends!

After the Leaderboard contest ends, participants must connect their wallets to our platform to claim their $OORT rewards. Additionally, the exclusive prizes from the sponsoring brands will also be distributed to the winners by the brands after the end of the Leaderboard contest

🏆 Claim Reward Here

The distribution of rewards is scheduled to commence 24 hours subsequent to the conclusion of the leaderboard campaign.

How to participate in the Leaderboard?

To participate in the leaderboard, players need to own at least one hero from the above-mentioned communities and lock in the clan. Once you have your clan of heroes locked in, you can begin battling as soon as the leaderboard starts. Your leaderboard rank will be based on your total wins involving the locked clan of heroes.

Follow the steps below to successfully participate and win rewards in the Season 2 Leaderboard

  1. Get some heroes.
  2. Lock in a clan with your heroes. You must have at least one hero of a specific clan to be able to join that clan. You can only lock in once.
  3. Engage in battles to level up, earn gold to purchase items, and equip your heroes to enhance their strength and abilities. Your position on the leaderboard will be based on your total wins, so strive for numerous victories to secure the top spot.
  4. Reach the top of the leaderboard to earn $OORT and unique prizes sponsored by each clan.

Exclusive leaderboard prizes sponsored by each brand

Exclusive prizes are ready for the top winners on our Season 1 leaderboard, courtesy of Oort Digital and our esteemed partners. The prizes include:

Arcus: Whitelist Spots for participants in the Arcus game

Dyleum: Whitelist spot for participants on Dyleum Game launch

Salad Ventures: Free TowerSwap NFTs mint for participants at a pre-seed price during the NFT launch

Tower Swap: The top 10 winners (based on clan-specific rank) will receive rewards for Version 2 of the Arcaden platform.

TraderDAO: Pre-Whitelist spot for Top 15 Participants on TradeGDT


Please note

The co-campaign time is limited, and the Hero NFTs are claimed on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis. We encourage you to join as early as possible to increase your chances of winning.

Winners will receive their prizes after the Leaderboard ends!!

Keep Playing and winning more battles for a chance to grab part of the over X-number $OORT tokens in the Season 2 Rewards Prize Pool. The more you succeed, the higher you’ll climb on the Leaderboard, earning a bigger piece of the prize pool.

If you make it into the Top 3, known as ‘The Golden Ring,’ you’re guaranteed a share of at least 1.25% for first place, 1% for second place, or 0.75% for third place on the leaderboard.

Even if reaching the top is out of reach, keep battling to outdo others. Your rank on the leaderboard determines the amount of $OORT you’ll receive from the Prize Pool, so the higher you are, the more you’ll win.

$OORT is currently on the Mumbai Testnet, you can convert to Polygon Mainnet $OORT at a certain ratio after the token launch.


What’s Next?

The excitement doesn't stop here!!

We have more thrilling leaderboards lined up with renowned brands and communities for our upcoming seasons.

Also, we will be launching our upcoming Daily Challenges where players can play our RPG battle game on a regular daily basis to practice their battle skills and earn rewards and other items like gold to better prepare for the next leaderboard seasons.


The Daily Challenge will be based on Daily Login, Battle Type Challenges, Total Battles, and more... So, stay tuned and make sure to log into our Platform and continue playing our RPG battle game every day to make the most of these exciting opportunities!

As you continue to equip and train your heroes, gear up for the next leaderboard contests because we're going to have more brands and challenges coming, with better rewards.

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